Friday, December 26, 2008

Shaved Ice from Irvine, CA

Following 7 days of an AWESOME vacation frolicking in Vegas and LA with my bestfriends from college, I have finally returned to the blizzarding Chicago. As depressing as it is to return to freezing weather and the lack of Chinese food selection, I have come to appreciate the fact that at least I DID get to go on holiday. Plus, I have discovered just how much desire I have to go to dental school on the west coast. California is THE Sh*t. Period.

Yummah. Our shaved ice is topped with red bean, mochi, mango, bananas, and kiwis!

With that, I leave you one of my last memories from Irvine California. That is - I present to you shaved ice from Mochilato. We ordered the Junior size, "half-and-half". Meaning, half of it is Japanese and the other half is Italian.

We were halfway done. You can see lots of red bean hidden in the mound. Below that are hints of pink and white gelato, which tasted like vanilla & cotton candy. We weren't the biggest fan of that, but the green tea ice was delicious.

Our shaved ice took 4 people to finish